The Halibut capital of the world is Homer, Alaska. This is where we grew up and live. Halibut has been in our diets our entire lives. We take special care of this valuable fish from the hook to plate. Wild Halibut is very good on all sorts of dishes including pies and soups. The many different ways you can prepare this fish is what sets it apart.

Halibut Pricing

  • $25.99 per lb. Fletch (Fillet)
  • $18.99 per lb. Steak
  • $16.99 per lb. Whole fresh or whole fresh frozen
  • $26.99 per lb. Halibut cheeks
  • $85.99 per lb. Lox
  •  $9.99 per lb. Head off
  • $19.99 per lb. Fillet
  • $14.99 per lb. Halibut Roe
  • Prices do not include shipping